Anubis (Reptlian)- Game realtime character - Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found contest

Hello everyone..
There is sort of my work in, doing a realtime character modeling for the artstation contest!

I also need to thanks all the people that helped me along the way..
Starting the Michael Pavlovich, that guy is really a inspiration for me, even more that he helped me a lot with all that i use on my pipeline, thats a example of guy!
Also be thankfull to Herik Campos, that guy is a old school friend that made me come back to 3d art modeling and gave me a tips on some stages of production.
Erick Azevedo helped me out with Rigging tips

Marcos palante novosanubis

Anubis Turntable

Marcos palante screenshot0074
Marcos palante screenshot007
Marcos palante screenshot009
Marcos palante wip23

High Poly mesh

Marcos palante anubis helmet2 96

High_poly Material studies